Friday, June 29, 2007

CryptoAPI is not available - I'm boned!

I currently use Symantec PCAnywhere (10.5) on Windows XP (SP2, however this problem occurred on SP1 as well) to manage various servers. However we also use the Novell client on our work machines. What do these two have in common? Well it means that the sys admins can push junk to your machine without your knowledge. In this case I rebooted my machine today and something was pushed to my machine that caused PCAnywhere to stop functioning. Every time I launch the application and try connecting to a host using Symmetric encryption I get the following error:
Cannot launch because encryption level Symmetric cannot be initialized.  CryptoAPI is not available.  Object already exists.

In the past I had received this message and even went so far as to reinstall PCAnywhere, but to no avail that failed miserably. The first time I got this I said, "I'm boned" and did many Google searches. I came across a post that was completely unrelated to PCAnywhere, but had a brief message about CryptoAPI. I have long since lost this url, however the answer is still fresh in my mind. It turns out that PCAnywhere Symmetric encryption relies on RSA info located at:
c:\documents and settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto

This folder contains another folder called "RSA" . To fix your problem, just rename the folder (or delete it, but better safe than sorry if something else breaks - you have been warned!). The next time you launch PCAnywhere and try to connect to a server, the RSA folder will be recreated and you will be all set!


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Thanks! This worked great!