Thursday, January 11, 2007

Windows XPSP2 and SQL Server 2000 - Evil?

<rant>XP SP2 IS EVIL - read more to find out why<rant>

I knew there was a reason why I held off on upgrading to SP2 on XP. I know sp2 has been out for many months, but I knew that it was evil when I first upgraded my home machine months ago and it fried it (BSOD - had to do full reinstall). So naturally I was apprehensive when it came time to upgrade a desktop at work (we are being forced to upgrade our machines to sp2). Well I figured that I would run the installer myself so I could tell right away what breaks. Running the installer went ok and after several reboots I killed the windows firewall and restarted my ZoneAlarm and then started SQL Server 2k and CF 7. Suprisingly all started fine. However when you try to connect to a datasource defined in the CF admin, I kept getting an error about not being able to connect. Within my CF admin, I was connecting to on port 1433 as a normal sane person would.

Ok so after bashing my head against the wall and trying all of the "fixes" by microsoft which all regard adding ports to the windows firewall (which is disabled I remind you) I took a stab in the dark. I added datasources to the ODBC control panel in the System tab since that can connect to (local) and CF can connect to it via ODBC connectors. One more note, I still can't connect to my server via, rather I have to use (local). Now inside the CF admin I connect via ODBC and everything is fine. This is one more annoyance that Microsoft has given me. GRRRRR.

If anyone has a solution to this I would greatly appreciate it.

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Unknown said...

I Have same problem, but i can connect with other computer. Wierd.